Muchachomalo Underwear: Designed By Bad Boys, For Bad Boys

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Muchachomalo is a Dutch underwear brand with a flair for creativity and an idealistic obsession with the pursuit of beauty. Not content to only design sexy and comfortable undergarments, its products are inspired by diverse cultures, fine art and heroic figures. A young brand run by a young team, it has lofty ambitions without the dry pretension of older companies. At the heart of Muchachomalo’s vision is a belief in that the path to beauty is paved by the young, the slightly reckless – the bad boys. In our exclusive interview with designer Jeff Fressco, it became clear that Muchachomalo isn’t just selling underwear to make you feel sexy. It’s inviting men to take part in a grand journey, one that doesn’t culminate in sensuality, but asks for us to run faster and stretch out our arms. Read what Fressco has to say about this vision in our Muchachomalo interview below.

The Underwear Expert: When did you start designing for the brand?

Jeff Fressco: In 2006. It started as a part-time job next to school. Back then, the owner of the brand, Shirley, had her own lingerie shop and wanted to create her own boxershorts label. This way, she had the freedom to choose her own colors. My job was to design the prints. In 2008 our first printed boxershort came into the shop. With this we received a lot of good reactions, and before we knew it, we were selling this boxershort in shops all over the country. We had a dream start, and because all of the activity at that time, I started to work full-time for the brand.

UE: What is your primary goal with Muchachomalo’s designs?

Fressco: Awareness. Our primary goal is to tell a story with our prints. The Muchachomalo collections are theme-based. Every year we have a different theme. We had “Good Times”, “Heroes”, “Cultures” as themes and this year it’s “Art.” In a world full of distractions we often forget the beauty of life.

UE: What would you say you are doing different and / or better than any other brands?

Fressco: There are so many good brands out there. But what is different is that we have a really young team. The majority of people working for our brand are in their twenties. We grow and learn by doing and love new challenges. It’s hard to see Muchachomalo as just a brand, for me it’s a muchacho malo, a bad boy, that does his own thing. We call it “the Muchachomalo spirit”.

UE: What influences your designs most?

Fressco: Everything can influence or inspire me. I think it’s how we look at things. You can come up with beautiful color combinations, shapes and ideas just by watching food, landscapes, toys, people, architecture… Literally everything. Including women!

See more images of the brand’s underwear below, and read more from Fressco after the jump.

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UE: You use a lot of eccentric prints and colors in your men’s underwear, can you talk about that?

Fressco: Our brand motto is: “In every man there’s a boy, a bad boy”. We believe that men never grow up. No matter how old we get, men always have that muchacho malo in them. The eccentric prints and colors represent that vision.

UE: Talk to me about the fit of your underwear.

Fressco: What can I say? They fit perfectly and are very comfortable, especially our Basic Comfort Collection. You should try them!

UE: What design qualities can consumers expect from Muchachomalo’s underwear?

Fressco: Fresh prints with a story, unique colors, nice fabrics and a comfortable waistband.

 UE: Where do you see the brand in two years from a design perspective?

Fressco: New designs and styles with more variety. Different uses of fabric and printing. It is hard to be specific about this, because every day our vision on design changes. But what I can say is that we will keep on growing, learning and experimenting.

UE: Is there anything you would like to add?

Fressco: A year after opening the doors of our Muchachomalo store in Amsterdam, we are happy to say that we opened a pop-up store in London at the London Boxpark this week.

Congratulations to Muchachomalo on the expansion! Let us know what you think of the brand’s vision in the comments below.

For more information about this brand: Muchachomalo

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