Mad Men Underwear Scenes

Fashion fans and television fans, come together and rejoice. Mad Men has returned. This Sunday, Don Draper is back to give us more pieces of the complex puzzle that is his character. There will be plenty of drinking and brooding to go around, but here at The Underwear Expert, we’re especially excited about the potential underwear sightings. To get ready for the season premiere, we put together a gallery of our favorite Mad Men underwear scenes. Make yourself a cocktail, sit back and check them out below.

Don Draper, played by the well-endowed Jon Hamm, is all about the basics. He believes a man should own high quality, simple undergarments – and lots of them. Here we see that boxer shorts and a crew neck tee are a tough-to-beat combo when worn correctly.

Stan Rizzo (played by Jay R. Ferguson) is the art director with a jock’s attitude. We don’t know a ton about him, but we did discover that he can pull off a pair of high-riding briefs.

When he’s not being  a smug, little sonofabitch, Pete Campbell (played by Vincent Kartheiser) rocks some sweet sleepwear. This is the look that landed Alexis Bledel.

You didn’t think we were just going to show one Jon Hamm photo, did you? The master of the hungover look shows us how it’s done in the below photo.

People make such a fuss over Jon Hamm going commando, they forget that last season, John Slattery went buck naked as Roger Sterling. Will we see more of Sterling in season six?

Finally, in this steamy episode featuring Sal (played by Bryan Batt), we get both an underwear sighting and a look at the various societal attitudes towards homosexuality in the 1960s. The below clip focuses more on the former.


Photo and Video Credit: AMC


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