Mad Men Stripping Game

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know that Mad Men is back for a sixth season, premiering tonight. You’re gearing up for more great clothes, drama, booze and character development. Maybe you’re even going to enjoy the season premiere with a Mad Men themed party. If your party happens to consist of consenting adults, we suggest grabbing some old fashioneds, flipping on AMC and joining The Underwear Expert in the Mad Men stripping game.

Like our other stripping games, the rules are simple. Begin play fully clothed in your best suit.

Take off one item of clothing if…

Don Draper is referred to as “Dick.”

Peggy’s blossoming alcoholism is further explored.

Pete Campbell eyes up a girl.

Roger makes a reference to being the father of Joan’s child.

Cooper makes an appearance.

Megan and Don fight.

Sally Draper pouts.

Anyone finishes their drink.


Take off two items of clothing if…

Don and Joan hook up.

Betty makes an appearance.

Megan sings.

Don gives an inspirational speech.

The ghost of Lane Pryce makes an appearance.

The ghost of Don’s brother makes an appearance.

The ghost of real Don Draper makes an appearance.


Put your clothes back on and watch Game of Thrones if…

The ghost of President Kennedy makes an appearance.

It turns out Don’s real name isn’t Dick. It’s Blake.

Peggy quits advertising to become an actress.

Don asks, “has everyone gone mad?” then turns toward the camera and winks.


Strip down naked and watch the episode again if…

Sal Romano and Don begin a secret affair.

Pete Campbell dies to save his wife.

That girl from Gilmore Girls delivers a soliloquy on the importance of a balanced diet.


Have more rules to add? Put them in the comments below. Enjoy the episode, and happy stripping!

Photo Credit: AMC


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