The Ultimate Kickstarter Underwear Guide

The rise of blogs, Facebook and sites like Kickstarter have made it easier than ever to turn good ideas into products. It turns out that quite a few people have potentially marketable product ideas for underwear. We’ve put together a list of brands that either got their start on Kickstarter, or are currently using it to raise funds. Check out the Kickstarter underwear guide below, and let us know which ideas you’re most excited to see developed and which brands you’re eager to see be super successful from Kickstarter.

Helux Gear

A project started by Greg Donmoyer, Helux Gear is an underwear concept centered around the pouch. In the Kickstarter video, Greg explains the (somewhat simplified) history of men’s underwear, highlighting pouch issues that he believes are not tackled by existing brands.

“I believe the need exists for men’s underwear that is both comfortable and functional. After many disappointments I developed my own,” said Donmoyer.

Helux Gear uses a special fly design that makes sure the pouch remains closed when not in use, but opens easily when needed.



Funded with Kickstarter, pullWool also focuses on revolutionizing the pouch. “The ball-pouch™ is “an elasticized merino shelf inside the underwear which supports and lifts the package forward while eliminating skin on skin contact,” according to Devin Riker, founder of pullWool Studios.

The new company is based in New York, but it only uses high quality merino wool. The brand is positioned as the perfect choice for the man on the go.

Flint and Tinder

Jake Bronstein, an entrepreneur whose past credits include being a founding editor at FHM magazine and creating Buckyballs, has gotten into the underwear game. Using funding from Kickstarter, Jake has created a company that makes high quality underwear in America.

Flint and Tinder is also committed to growing American jobs.  Speaking on its job creation, the brand said, “For every 1,000 pair of underwear we sell per month, at least one sustainable job is added within our supply chain.”


JockGods also takes the “Made in the USA” approach to underwear marketing. The brand is similar to American Apparel in that it offers underwear designed to be worn both by men and by women. Combine that with super-sexy advertising, and JockGods will be a company to watch – if it can get the funding, that is. Its creators have not yet made their ambitious Kickstarter goal of $37,000.

For more information about these brands: Flint and Tinder, pullWool 

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