How to Play Strip Poker: Because Why Not?

Don’t know how to play strip poker? Fear not, readers, we here at The Underwear Expert are well… experts at any game that might involve getting down to your undies.

First off, we’re hoping everyone here has at least a basic idea of how to play regular poker. Seriously, people, it’s 2013. Okay, so if you have a basic understanding of poker, learning how to play strip poker will be ridiculously easy.

Like any great game, there are many different variations and ways to play strip poker. We’ve picked two, so you can play whether you’re a poker master, or just looking up “poker hands” on google now so you don’t feel dumb.

1. Assign chips to clothes: This method can be complicated, but is probably the closest to regular poker wagers. Before the game begins, assign a value to every article of clothing. For example, your socks are only worth about 1 chip, but your shirt might be worth 5 chips, and your pants 10, with everything else in between. As you win more hands, you get to wear more clothes (lame), and vice-versa.

2. Nix the chips, clothes only: This method is probably the simplest way to play. Forget the chips, forget betting, just play regular hands of poker. Play regular rounds, with players able to fold if they’re not confident in their hands (make sure they’re not just too afraid to strip), and whoever continues to the showing of cards and loses has to take off an article of clothing.

Whichever way you choose to play, hopefully there’s a lot more opportunities for you to show off your undies in the future!

Will you be using our guide on how play strip poker this weekend? Make sure to wear your best underwear, and let us know!

Photo Credit: Public Domain, Zimbio, Water Tribe


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