Give Me Head: 10 Underwear Model Peep Shows

Most underwear leave certain bits up to the imagination, but some pairs put them right out there on display whether an XXX-rating is desired or not. Somewhere between NSFW and “this is just what happens when you photograph guys in underwear,” package outlines are here to stay. Here we pick ten of our favorite underwear peep shows.

From fabric too thin to obscure our view, to packages too big to hide, many various factors contribute to this jack-in-the-box phenomenon. White fabric seems to be particularly revealing, and not just when it’s wet (though that certainly works too, as you can see).

Sneak a peek at some peep shows captured by a few of our favorite photographers. They really know how to bring out their model’s best work and show us what these guys are working with. Caution: contentes may be extremely hot—you might feel the need to blow on your screen to temper their effects.

Markus by Rick Day (above)

Brody Harris by Mark Jenkins 

Anthony F. by Allen Spiers

Devon Spence by Rick Day

Rodiney Santiago by Leo Castro

Christian D. Van Norden by Yanqi Chang

Daniel Sisniega for Andrew Christian

Nick Cheadle by Thomas Synnamon

Bernardo Arriagada by Thomas Synnamon


Photo Credits: Yanqi Chang, Rick Day, Thomas Synnamon, Leo Castro, Andrew Christian, Mark Jenkins, Allen Spiers.


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