Get Noticed: Neon Sheer & Mesh Underwear


Neon sheer and mesh underwear is becoming an increasingly popular trend, as brands incorporate different breathable fabrics into colorful, eye-catching new designs. Though these new styles range from conventional cuts to those that are more out-there, most of them are better suited for a walk on the wild side. With minimal coverage in colors like this, how could you resist cutting loose? Although, we do also fully support party underneath and business over-top, so we’ll leave the best usage of neon mesh underwear up to you.

We recently reported on mesh underwear for men as a broader trend among relatively more conservative styles, and the increasing appearance of bright neon colors makes wearing mesh even more fun. From the subtle use of sheer fabric to pairs that make a more eccentric statement, neon sheer and mesh underwear is both comfortable and a recipe for a good time.

Check out some of our favorite picks below and let us know if you’ll be picking up a pair!

Intymen Sport Trunk ($25): These trunks from Intymen’s Sport collection are made from a unique microfiber blend, offering equal parts utility and sex-appeal with full coverage bold colored mesh fabric.


Clever Moda Mayorca Boxer Briefs ($25): Made from a lightweight microfiber, these purple boxer briefs from Clever Moda’s Mayorca collection offer a sheer view of your rear while providing full coverage and support.

neon mesh underwear

Pikante Florescent Briefs ($23): These florescent briefs from Pikante also offer relatively full coverage in front and back in a form-fitting microfabric that glows in the dark. Wear these when the power goes out and you’ll be a beacon of light.

neon mesh underwear

Cover Male Cheeky Boxer ($23): Made from a sheer white fabric, these Cheeky Boxers from Cover Male got their name for a reason. They’re not neon, but they are perfect for catching neon light on the dance floor, or wherever you may find yourself taking in the local color.

neon mesh underwear

Bodyaware Let The Sun Shine in Shaper Brief ($19.95): These shaper briefs from Bodyaware are also aptly named, as the neon mesh fabric with lace detail is certain to let the sun shine where it usually doesn’t.

neon mesh underwear 1

PPU Vivid Thong ($20): This fashion forward thong incorporates mesh microfiber fabric in an intricate design on the front pouch, which lifts up your package to boot. Also, the luxe color totally reminds us of Tiffany’s.

neon mesh underwear 2

Good Devil Sheer Side G String ($11.40): This G String from Good Devil manges to incorporate mesh fabric into a design with already minimal coverage. This sunny color definitely has us looking on the bright side.  

neon mesh underwear

For more about these brands: Clever ModaPikante, Cover Male, Bodyaware, PPU, Good DevilIntymen

Photo Credits: Clever Moda, Pikante, Cover Male, Bodyaware, PPU, Good Devil, Intymen


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  1. DeeRock68 says:

    I’ve worn mesh underwear – and absolutely luvved them! Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all, yet I’m “supported” well below. Though I don’t have the body for modeling underwear (wish I did), I still like to feel sexy. These do it for me. 🙂

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