Get Inside The Heads of 8 Underwear Models

Underwear models are complicated creatures, and figuring out all the random thoughts and ideas that cross their minds is almost unimaginable. Luckily for our readers, we here at The Underwear Expert have underwear-model-exclusive mind reading ability… Yeah, it’s a thing.

Just so all of our readers can step into a world of underwear model thinking, we’ve read the minds of nine models from eight different photo shoots. From models like Quinn Jaxon and Louis Mayhew, to overly zealous Christmas underwear models and lace-wearing men, we really got inside models’ heads. Let’s just say, some of them seem a bit more complicated in their model thoughts than others…

To get inside the heads of some of our favorite underwear models, scroll down through our mind-reading photos, and let us know what you think! Are there any other underwear models whose minds you want to read?

What is Louis Mayhew thinking?

What is Quinn Jaxon thinking?

What are Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero thinking?

What is this guy in lace underwear thinking?

What is Daniel S. Thinking?

What is this overly zealous Christmas model thinking?

What is Julian Garcia thinking?

What is Paddy Mitchell thinking?

Photo Credit: Idris+Tony, Andrew Christian, Timoteo Ocampo, Good Devil, UndiesAndOvers, Diego Roldan, Christian Oita, Rick Day, Ian Cole


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