Fore! Pro Golf Underwear Sighting On Video

We never thought a pro golf underwear sighting would be possible given the game’s strict dress code, but Danish golfer Andreas Harto proved us very wrong. When his ball landed in a water hazard during the European Tour’s Trophee Hassan II tournament in Morocco, the golfer stripped down to his briefs and waded right in to make the shot!

Since he was in the middle of a tournament and needed to continue playing, rather than walk around with soggy trousers for the rest of the day, Harto made the wise choice to take the shot in his skivvies. You can see that he bends down to towel off his legs after—apparently not a service in his caddy’s job description. So he made it onto the green and stayed dry at the same time!

It may not be a touchdown dance, but he definitely has a little spring in his step as he scampers onto the green after his ball. Harto is known as quite the character on the professional golf circuit, and these sportscasters are totally loving his bold moves on the course. From what we can gather it ended up being a decent shot. Harto may have placed 15th in the tournament, but for giving us our first (and favorite) pro golf underwear sighting, he definitely takes first place by our score card.

We wonder if he’ll capitalize on the publicity of this stunt to launch his own line of golf underwear. It would definitely be waterproof, that’s for sure!


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