Rodiney Santiago: 14 Hot Photos

Since appearing on The A List: New York, Rodiney Santiago has been one very busy man. We talk to the Brazilian born model about work, play, and a bit of everything in between.

From launching his own line of swimwear with Rifskin to releasing his own popular annual calendar, the model turned reality-TV star has seen his career grow in leaps and bounds. Of course, looking at him it’s not hard to understand why the world can’t seem to get enough of his tan, chiseled body and endearing, friendly charm. We asked him how he stays in shape, the inspiration behind his business ventures, and of course, whether the regulation hunk is single or taken.

Check out our exclusive interview along with some of our favorite shots of the Brazilian bombshell at work!

The Underwear Expert: Before you began your modeling career, you studied to be a physical therapist. Has your experience with physical therapy helped you take better care of your body?

Rodiney Santiago: Absolutely, I take good care of my body and it is nice to understand working-out and how to eat the right things to keep your body in shape.

UE: How do you stay fit? Can you offer any work-out or nutrition tips?

Rodiney: I’m not crazy about the gym, it’s a habit. I try to go 5 times a week, but if I miss one I don’t stress-out about it. I eat a little bit of everything, but I try to not eat very much sugar. But, let’s be honest having a little cheat day is very important to sticking with your diet and routine. I prefer dark chocolate.

UE: How has your life changed since appearing on The A List: New York?

Rodiney: Before I was just a Brazilian model, and now I am the Brazilian model from a popular reality TV show. Because of that I am getting a lot more work and have made may new contacts in the industry, and friends that I probably wouldn’t have known without being on show. The fans are great too!

UE: We’re big fans of Ruf Rod, your swimwear line with Rufskin. What made you decide to make a swimwear line? What features were important for you to include in the design?

Rodiney: Thanks for liking my line, I love it too! It is something I thought about a lot, and swimwear like this is very popular in Brazil. I just thought it would be so cool to bring that same type of swimwear to the states. Rufskin has been an amazing partner in making that happen.

UE: We also love your calendar! How do you decide which picture to put with each month?

Rodiney: For me the photoshoots for the calendar are so much fun. The photographer, designers, and everyone else involved have such great ideas. We collaborate together and I feel like that is why the photos are so strong. Not sure how we choose the particular months, it just kind of comes together at production and the photos seem to fit the month they are for.

UE: What’s your favorite place on earth?

Rodiney: The BEACH!

UE: What are five things you could never live without?

Rodiney: My small group of very close friends, my amazing family in Brazil that supports all that I do, shoes, chocolate, and my fans!

UE: What kind of underwear do you like wearing everyday? Boxers or briefs? Colorful or simple?

Rodiney: I like all kinds of underwear, I guess I am kind of addicted to all types. I love different colors, fabrics, and designs.

UE: Can you tell us about your romantic life? Are you currently single or dating anyone special?

Rodiney: I’m single right now, and open to love and not just a partner.

UE: What do you want to do next? Any new projects you can tell us about?

Rodiney: There are a lot of things on my plate. I obviously can’t get into specifics because we are in production. I will make sure to post updates on my site when I can discuss them!

For more about Rodiney’s swimwear line and RufSkin: Ruf Rod, Rufskin

Photo Credits: Richard Gerst, Lëo Castro, RufSkin, A Capa, Mike Ruiz, Julio Tavares


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