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Equmen, the pioneer in men’s compression wear, seems to have struck the perfect balance between style and function; the results are not only good looking, but packed with health benefits. Their undergarments utilize sport technology and built in physiotherapy in order to provide a second skin fit and support you completely. With Equmen, you can truly look and feel your best. That’s the goal of compression wear, after all.

Since the official launch in 2009, Equmen’s core precision undergarments have become the standard in compression wear and have defined a new way of thinking about men’s undergarments entirely. Industry-wide sales of compression underwear jumped 170 percent in the first two years the brand opened its doors, which firmly speaks to the need in the market for the high-tech designs.

Compression technology has a hefty roster of health benefits including temperature and moisture control, circulation promotion, reduced back and neck pain, improved posture, and quick muscle recovery as well as a general feeling of being energized. All that, and the garments literally package you up, streamlining your physique for an undeniably firmer silhouette.

The technology at the root of Equmen’s undergarments is something called Helix-Mapping. “Developed in conjunction with physiotherapists, ergonomic consultants and athletic garment engineers, Equmen Helix-Mapping is a unique body-mapping system that builds physio taping techniques into every garment to reinforce and support the body’s natural structure from the core,” according to Equmen.

For example, this crisscrossing compression technology in their undershirts enables you to get your shoulders back, your back straight, and your stature confidently accurate.  Their underwear styles provide a bevy of benefits as well.

Equmen gets its name from the phrase “equality for men,” and for good reason; they design their precision undergarments to make sure that every man that wants to can look their best. Their apparel is stylish enough to be worn daily, under gym tee or business suit. Constructed with a seamless manufacturing technology for increased comfort, Equmen compression wear is available in undershirts, briefs, trunks, long trunks and socks, too, enabling you to feel your best from toe to shoulder, and everywhere in between.

For more information about this brand: Equmen

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