Pantone Announces The Most Colorful Underwear Range… EVER.

pantone underwear 1

Are you a colored underwear guy? Does your heart beat faster every time you look at paint swatches at Home Depot?

MARK, a creative agency based in Cape Town, South Africa, has developed a line of pantone underwear in various shades from the world renowned standardized color system. There’s colorful underwear, then there’s pantone underwear — and the difference, we’re assuming, will be pretty remarkable. Appropriately called Underpantones for men, and Underpantytones for women, each color is labeled with its official pantone assignation.

If you’ve ever been on a mission to find skivvies in a very specific shade, it’s often hard to find exactly what you have in mind. With Underpantones, you can be as specific as identifying a numbered shade from their color system. Especially if you’ve ever seen a paint chip and wished you could turn it into underwear. Or better yet, if you want to match your underwear to the paint on your walls, now’s your time! In other news, we sense a very colorful photo shoot coming on..

Pantone colors are ubiquitous in the design world, from fashion and industrial design to printed media. It was only a matter of time before they made it under your pants too. Will you be pantone-ing it up??

pantone underwear 2

For more information on this brand: Underpantones



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