Boxers or Briefs: Madison, WI with Colby Melvin


One of our favorite underwear models and jack-of-many-trades is back with another installment of Colby Melvin Boxers or Briefs! We’ve partnered with Colby to send him on adventures around the U.S. asking real men that age old question that’s always on our minds—what kind of underwear is hiding down there?

Reporting another segment from the chilly streets of Madison, Wisconsin, Colby has the challenge of coaxing guys to open up about their underwear in bundled-up weather. Stopping a guy in a tank top and shorts in summertime is one thing, but asking dudes about their underwear while sporting a peacoat is quite another. Fortunately, Colby has just the right kind of charm for the job. There’s a reason he’s our former model of the year and now our very distinguished travelling correspondent.

Here he chats with Cory, a club owner who appreciates proper support, especially in the cold winter months. Colby gets these fun facts and more out of Cory; watch the full video to find out more!

Want Colby Melvin Boxers or Briefs to visit your town? Let us know and we’ll try to get him over to a neighborhood near you!


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