Children’s Underwear Books We Wish We Read

Though growing up with classic Dr. Seuss books and Goodnight Moon as bedtime stories certainly makes for great memories, the children’s book industry is growing in ways we never imagined… and we’re kind of jealous. Call us crazy, but April 2nd marks International Children’s Book day, and there are a lot of children’s underwear books we wish we read.

These awesome underwear books for kids are making us want to be 5 years old again, but alas, we instead share them with our beloved readers.

Check out some of the children’s underwear books we wish we read, and let us know if you’ll be picking up any to read!

Underwear! – Written by Mary Elise Monsell, pictures by Lynn Munsinger

“Bismark the Buffalo is grumpy and unlovable until his friends teach him how to laugh and show him that wearing colorful underwear can be great fun.” – UH, yeah it can, Bismark!

Goodnight Underwear – Written and illustrated by Todd H. Doodler

“When Bear says goodnight to everything and everyone, guess what he saves his last goodnight for? His beloved tighty-whities, of course!” – Bear, we do the exact same thing. You are not alone.

The Underwear Dare: Nerd vs. Bully – Written by the Nardini Sisters, pictures by Gina Christoffel

“The first one to run through the cafeteria during lunch in their underwear wins hands down. But which one has the guts to do it?” – We’re so in. When and where?

Dinosaurs Love Underpants – Written by Claire Freedman, pictures by Ben Cort

“Scientists have plenty of theories about why dinosaurs are extinct, [but] Claire Freedman and Ben Cort know the real answer: The dinos were wiped out in an Underpants War!” – Not an underpants war! It truly must have been the end days…

How Underwear Got Under There – Written by Kathy Shaskan, pictures by Regan Dunnick

“Do you fully appreciate your undies? King Tut sure liked his. He was buried with 145 pairs!” – Okay, now we’re just set on being buried with more than King Tut.


The Adventures of Captain Underpants – Written and Illustrated by Dav Pilkey

“Meet Captain Underpants! His true identity is so secret, even HE doesn’t know who he is!” – Now that’s some superhero commitment right there.

Photos: Pictures credited to illustrators, pulled from Amazon Marketplace


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