Can’t Miss Jamie Dornan Underwear Pictures

Jamie Dornan is a man who does it all: singer, actor, and underwear model? The gorgeous Once Upon A Time star has posed for Calvin Klein Underwear, Armani and Dior to name a few. Jamie has also appeared alongside Kirsten Dunst in the Sophia Coppola film Marie Antoinette and is a former member of a folk group. Oh yeah, did we also mention his ex is actress and model Keira Knightley? Is there anything Jamie can’t do? Check him out as he strips down and shows off that insane bod below!

Even Jamie bows his head in admiration and respect for his body.

Like a total boss, Jamie graces us with a glimpse of his abs. 

With tousled hair and a face that can do no harm, the Northern Ireland native helped The Underwear Expert celebrate St. Patricks Day

Being this radiant can be draining. Jamie leans back and relaxes as we admire.

Jamie’s Calvin’s show their love for him by hugging him tightly in all the right areas.

For more information on these brands: Calvin Klein Underwear, Hugo Boss

Photo credit: Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss


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