Candyman Thongs Present Slinky Fit

Candyman unveils its latest collection of thongs, which offer bold and creative color combinations for the summer season. Currently available, the PPU thongs are made from a body hugging microfiber fabric blend and retail for less than $20.

Candyman thongs 9683The Candyman thongs are ideal to wear for intimate encounters or even everyday wear. These styles provide a lean, sexy silhouette and subtle design details. Each pair has a thin, yet durable waistband. The Candyman Thong 9687 features a black pouch with intertwined black and gold on the waistband while the 9683 thong has a black pouch with camouflage on the waistband. The 9681 pouch showcases sparking circles on the pouch with four dangling, red strings attached from the pouch to the rear. And, the 9688 Jock Thong offers the silhouette of a thong combined with the back straps of a jockstrap.

The Candyman thongs are produced from a lightweight microfiber fabric that truly shows off your butt and thighs. The contour pouch includes a center seam and elastic trim that gives your package an extra boost. The PPU thongs are made from a fabric blend of nylon or polyester with a touch of spandex for added stretch. This microfiber blend offers a lightweight fit that feels cool and smooth against your skin.

The Candyman thongs are available in S-XL.

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Candyman thongs 9681

Candyman thongs 9688
Candyman thongs 9687

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