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Here at The Underwear Expert, we’ve had a couple of great opportunities to speak with the newest face of C-IN2, Mike Stalker. First, we interviewed him about his life as a student, his rise in the modeling world and his soccer career. Next, we talked to him specifically about his fitness, nutrition and workout routine. Now, we’re pleased to bring our readers the entire gallery of C-IN2 Mike Stalker photos by Rick Day.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this young model, Mike Stalker is a student at Fordham University. He plays soccer for his school and maintains a rigorous fitness routine. He was recently tapped for the new C-IN2 campaign by Rick Day. Together, the two produced a series of photos that have become extremely popular among our readers.

“We’re calling this campaign a ‘week in the life,” C-IN2 Creative Director Greg Sovell told The Underwear Expert about the gallery. “This takes place in his NYC loft with assorted events; he’s trying to stay fit while invoking his inner artist.”

Check out the full set of photos below, and let us know if you want to see more of the young model. Click here, for all of C-IN2’s newest spring releases.

C-in2 Mike Stalker Photos 1

C-in2 Mike Stalker Photos 2

C-in2 Mike Stalker Photos 3

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Photo Credit: Rick Day for C-IN2


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  1. mujerado says:

    Fashion photography these days doesn’t seem to be dedicated to letting us actually SEE the product or the model. Why are all of these photos so dark?

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