Bodyaware Delivers Sexy New Briefs

IMAGE Bodyaware Glistenette Basket Brief

Bodyaware presents its new collection of briefs made from a microfiber fabric combination that offers a silky feel and stylish appearance. Currently available, the Bodyaware Junk in Your Trunk Brief ($23.95) and Glistenette Basket Brief ($16.95) offer a soft, body-contouring fit that shows off your prized assets.

Bodyaware Junk in Your Trunk Brief

The Bodyaware Junk in Your Trunk Brief is produced from a shiny stretch satin fabric that consists of 85% nylon and 15% spandex. This brief’s fabric shelf is built-in to bring your junk to the forefront while supporting everything comfortably and securely. The soft support and shape continues on the back end with an effective center seam that lifts and separates your butt cheeks. For a stylish look, the brief showcases a print fabric in azure blue.

“Bodyaware understands the male body,” said a representative from the brand. “We understand the sharp angles and soft curves, and how to make them look their manliest. Our designers have taken the time to know which angles are the best, and what support is the most comfortable and all the right points to emphasize in our newest Junk in Your Trunk Brief.”

The highlight of the Glistenette Basket Brief is the glistening sparkle sheen mesh that offers a slight see-through texture. Made from 85% nylon and 15% spandex, the brief has a uniquely constructed basket pouch with contouring seams that allow for a supportive and comfortable fit. The Glistenette Basket brief is offered in several striking colors such as white, purple, black, navy blue, sky blue and teal.

The Bodyaware Junk in Your Trunk Brief is available in S-XXL, while the Glistenette Basket Brief is offered in S-XXXL. The brand suggests machine wash gentle for these styles.

For more information about this brand: Bodyaware

Bodyaware Glistenette Basket Brief Pink
Bodyaware Glistenette Basket Brief Blue

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