Aussiebum’s Denim-Inspired Glaze Range Debuts

Aussiebum Glaze brief blue

Aussiebum introduces its latest collection of swimwear briefs inspired by denim fabric. Currently available, the limited edition Aussiebum Glaze brief ($44.95 AUD) comes in three colors but offers a different look when wet.

Aussiebum Glaze brief green

The limited edition Aussiebum Glaze brief features a smooth, printed fabric that recreates the look of denim while also giving off a vibrant sheen when wet to create a unique, sexy and masculine look. The swimwear briefs come in green, blue and red but these tones appear darker when exposed to water. Plus, the briefs feature a lighter tone on the waistband to offer a contrasting effect and two metallic buttons on the left side of the waistband.

“Our Glaze swimwear range captures the summer vibe around the word’s trendiest beaches—fun, relaxing and sexy,” according to the brand. “Combining a classic cut with a masculine and unique design, this product will get you noticed.”

Produced in Australia, the Aussiebum Glaze swimwear brief is made from a soft microfiber blend that consists of 72% polyamide and 28% elastane. The combination offers a flexible and body hugging fit. The elastic waistband includes an inner tie cord.

The limited edition Aussiebum Glaze brief range is available in XS-XXL.

For more information about this brand: Aussiebum

Aussiebum Glaze brief green
Aussiebum Glaze brief blue

Aussiebum Glaze brief Red

Photo Credit: Aussiebum


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