Ask The Underwear Expert: Best Male Enhancement Underwear

Matthew from Miami, Florida: Hey guys, I’m trying to break into the underwear modeling business, but my package isn’t really popping in my photos. Are there particular pairs of underwear or anything else you can recommend to help?

The Underwear Expert: Matthew, welcome to the underwear business, we’re sure you’re going to be great!

Since it’s often important for an underwear model’s front package to ‘pop’ (as you say) in his photos, there are several tricks of the trade that models use to keep up appearances down below. Brands have recognized the need for male enhancement underwear and responded with styles designed to keep your front pouch looking generously full. Accessories like cock rings in conjunction with the right underwear are also a great strategy.

Check out a few of our most trusted trade secrets, and let us know which work best for you!

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Infinity Boxer Brief with Anatomically Correct Pouch ($25): Andrew Christian has been a pioneer of pouch enhancement technology. Integrated into a number of different styles, their signature design lifts your star goods up and forward, so you’re sure to stand out.

male enhancement underwear

C-IN2 Personal Fit Factor ($24): This unique design from C-IN2 minimizes fabric over the pouch area to give the the area a larger appearance. With two options, one for ‘growers’ and another for ‘showers,’ C-IN2’s Personal Fit Factor is meant to appear tailored to your own, well, personal factor. Rather than providing unneeded fabric, they work with what you’ve got. This style would work well in combination with a cock ring.

male enhancement underwear

Good Devil Pouch Lifter ($11): The folks at Good Devil have designed a unique cock ring technology that’s actually attached to a waistband to provide extra lift. Meant to be worn underneath another pair of underwear, this Good Devil lifter is a versitile option that could be worn with any number of looks. They’re made from a microfiber blend that includes 10% spandex and adjust comfortably to any size package, so they’re also a good alternative if you have trouble finding the perfect size cock ring.

male enhancement underwear

For more information about these brands: Good Devil, Andrew Christian, C-IN2

Photo Credits: Good Devil, Andrew Christian, C-IN2, Todd Sanfield.


0 thoughts on “Ask The Underwear Expert: Best Male Enhancement Underwear

  1. Umfundizi says:

    I recently bought some briefs online and can’t remember where. They are made by Neiyiku in China and have built in C rings. I wld like to buy some more, but where from ?

  2. Lee Clark says:

    You can do better and be more comfortable than using “C” ring underwear. I know from personal experience. Check out the following brands for enhancement, comfort and long lasting value: Ergowear, CockSox, GoSoftwear, Curbwear and Agacio are among my favorites. I prefer these brands over Andrew Christian. All these brands have better enhancement, are more comfortable and are a better value than AC’s. I have worn AC’s for several years and own over 20 pairs.

  3. Jak Cunningham says:

    Hi! I think the very best built in C ring underwear from China is Excellent Brand by Wang jiang. They are inexpensive. Mens’s sizes from China run small so if you are a Medium order a size Large. They are 95% cotton and 5% Elastine and mine have been in use for some time. You may also want to check out the Extreme collection from Undergear (Bangladesh) which has an actual adjustable built in C ring and the Andrew Christian’s style 9193 has a built in C ring similar to Excellent Brand. Also for a model you may want to take a look at “Stealth” which sells for about $30 and is made to wear under the underwear. It fits over the Cock with the glans out and visible. Be sure and measure carefully and accurately and convert inches to mm size. The Stealth will show you off to best advantage when wearing underwear, swim suits or jeans. Good luck!

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