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Nick C. from Chicago: Dear Underwear Expert, I’m not a big fan of synthetic fabric, nor am I crazy about cotton underwear. My best friend told me I should try wool underwear, saying that I’d like the way it feels against my skin. What brands make the best wool underwear?

The Underwear Expert: We can help! There are several great brands making excellent wool underwear.

Before we get into the specific options, however, let’s explain to the uninformed why wool is the new black. Wool is an environmentally sustainable material and most merino wool is produced organically, or at least with minimal use of harmful chemicals. Since sheep need to be shorn to be comfortable, lamb lovers can still be wool wearers with a clean conscience.

Wool fabric does some amazing stuff. It’s hypoallergenic, it regulates temperature and it’s naturally odor free. New spinning technology keeps wool fabric light, but just as warm and cozy as ever.

The core of merino wool is highly absorbant, but the surface of the fibers are waxy and water repellant. For this reason, merino wool is the perfect fabric for outdoor activities – especially cold-weather sports.

Finally, merino wool is almost seven times as durable as cotton. Your wool underwear will stay with you long after your whitey tighties have fallen apart.

Convinced? Good. Now, which wool undies should you buy? Here are four picks that we believe you’ll love.

First, let’s look at the Bodyfit 150 Relaxed Boxers from Icebreaker ($44.99). They’re made from super-light-weight merino. Icebreaker knows its stuff, and you can bet that this will become your go-to pair of underwear.

Best Wool Underwear Icebreaker

Next, check out Smartwool. The PHD NTS Light 195 Wind Boxer Brief ($60) is perfect for athletic types who want high performance wool underwear. Try it on, and hit the slopes – this underwear is great for skiing.

Best Wool Underwear Smartwool

If you like to keep things simple and comfortable, try the Ibex Woolies 150 Boxer Brief ($50). It’s soft, breathable and has good moisture control. We’re digging the blue color, too.

Best Wool Underwear Ibex

Finally, if you’re a style conscious fellow, we recommend trying the pullWool Trunk Brief ($50). PullWool is a new brand that focuses on reducing skin on skin contact. This underwear is smart, stylish and a great choice for any wool-lover.

Best Wool Underwear pullWool

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For more information about these brands: IbexIcebreaker, pullWoolSmartwool

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0 thoughts on “Ask The Underwear Expert: Best Wool Underwear?

  1. chris says:

    I love wool clothing and underwear, but I don’t know how anyone can possibly claim it’s more durable than cotton.  Wool is just not that durable- it snags easily, and with daily wear i’ve never had wool underwear last more than a year.  It’s not abrasion resistant, so if you wear it biking or something, or even shift around on your seat a lot, it will eventually develop holes and fall apart.   Basically if you wear wool, you better get used to the idea of having holes in it.  Of course, as I type this I’m wearing a pair of icebreaker ‘beast’ on their last legs; they really do feel remarkable to wear.  I just wish they were 1/4-1/3 of the price.

  2. Trailrunner100 says:

    You missed PULSE Activewear. I think their Merino boxer briefs and traditional cut boxers are super comfortable. I’ve searched all over for a Merino traditional cut boxer and was disappointed until I stumbled onto PULSE. They’ve nailed the fit.

  3. Tour of Rooms says:

    Unfortunately Bodyfit 150 Boxers from Icebreaker in the Lightweight variety is quite poor in quality and when I read that they should last longer than a pair of tighty whities I was a bit perplexed, since so many who bought this type from Icebreaker, complained that they fell apart in about 6 months. It was not an isolated review, but this is based on several. In my opinion, I think anyone who might call for the smart wool in a pair of underwear should go with a medium weight if you are using them for hard work or or vigorous activities on a regular basis. I see more positive reviews on the heavier grade material. Probably because it may be more durable and last longer. I think those who might want to take a chance with marino wool, whether it be socks, underwear, or whatever, are likely to love it regardless. But for the price, any product that falls apart within 6 months is not even worth buying.
    Even the 75% blends will be well worth buying, and there is savings with blends. But I would suggest to buy 1 of whatever you might want, and see if it feels right and make a judgement whether it seems durable. I do not know about all the brands out there, but I bought a pair of socks from Red Wing, 100% merino wool, and they lasted over 5 years and my feet never sweat, and I stopped getting rashes around my ankles. I still use them. I had 2 small holes develop but they were still so comfortable and doing the job so I sewed them. I love these socks. 5 years! Can you believe it?
    I am learning about other brands of merino wool products and still think it is way over priced most places. If you hunt for deals you will find some well known stores selling a 100% merino wool product for less than half what is listed on this page, and get just as good or better deal with more durability. Brand names need to pay for all that advertising so I’m hunting for the bargain that offers what these brand name companies are claiming their product offers.

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