Ask The Underwear Expert: Best Enhancing Swimwear

Pedro from Miami, Fl.: Hey Guys, I’m starting to get back to the beach and am wondering how I can still impress girls even if I’ve “shrunk” in the water. Is there swimwear that can make me look full all the tiem?

The Underwear Expert: Hey, Pedro! Not every guy can look his best coming out of the water (George Costanza, anyone?), so here we suggest the best enhancing swimwear pieces to compensate for shrinkage south of the border.

Summer is fast approaching and swimwear season is well under way. Many considerations go into choosing the right swimwear, including comfort, durability and personal style. We know many guys consider how swimwear supports their package, especially when planning to trip to the beach or hanging out poolside. Underwear companies have responded to this concern with a variety of design technologies to help keep your glass more than half-full, so to speak.

Check out our picks for the best enhancing swimwear pieces this season and let us know if they work for you!

2Wink Australia swimwear briefs($54.95 AUD): These briefs from the Australian brand feature a removable bulge booster that fits into a pocket inside the front pouch. They come in two colors (above) 40 Degrees (red) and 38 Degrees (blue), and also feature a drawstring hidden inside the waistband to ensure the proper fit.

best enhancing swimwear 2

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Bikini ($36): Andrew Christian incorporates its popular ShowIt technology into its swimwear line with this bikini from the Almost Naked collection. The built-in cup cradles and lifts your package, no extra postage required.

best enhancing swimwear 4

Andrew Christian Splash Trunk ($40): These Splash Trunks from Andrew Christian feature the same ShowIt technology, built into a trunk for even more lift and support. The technology reports to add 1.5 inches to your package—think of it like a push-up bra for your lap.

best enhancing swimwear 8

AussieBum Wonderjock ($47.29): The Australian made Wonderjock features the brand’s signature enhancement technology in the front pouch and also has a drawstring waistband for a comfortable fit. Incidentally, they also go great with a surf board.

best enhancing swimwear 7

For more on these brands: AussieBum, Andrew Christian, 2Wink.

Photo Credits: AussieBum, Andrew Christian, 2Wink.


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  1. Max94114 says:

    Hey guys. I just found the site and I’m a Happy Camper. I wondered if I might find out the name of an underwear manufacturer that I sae on line. The logo isn’t legible and seems to be VODO or something close. Th first three letters a correct but I’ve googled every possible combination and come up with nothing. Hope I can get some help from this site. BTW. The undies have several buttons on the left seam of the pouch.

  2. Gostoso says:

    Seriously guys, someone with such a big package on the beach will have to show the goods to someone sooner or later and pass through the shame of “showing off” the reality. Buy a penis pump and built it out for real! They DO work i can attest, just be constant, every second day while you watch the news or something. Big REAL packages rule! Cheers!

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