Arriba! 5 Underwear Brands for Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching, and if you need to ask when it is you better brush up on your Spanish.  This national holiday – which commemorates Mexico’s victory over France way back in 1862 – has become a national excuse to party. So if you’re going out for the night to celebrate Spanish culture, we’ve got a few tips for you. 1) Pace yourself on tequila. 2) If you happen to actually be in Mexico, don’t drink the water. 3) As with any celebration, wear underwear to match. After all, who knows where the night may lead, and you may not want to come off as a gringo when you drop your drawers.

Don’t have any Cinco de Mayo themed underwear? We’ve got you covered. Below are 5 of our favorite brands that are a celebration of Latin culture all in themselves. You may even have some of these bad boys in your closet already.

Gigo Underwear: A Columbian underwear brand that always brings the color to the party.


Papi Underwear: Literally, Spanish for ‘daddy’, this brand is bound to get you in the mood to celebrate.

Cinco de Mayo_Igo Augusto_Lucio de Carvalho

Jam Underwear: Manufactured in both Mexico and the US, this brand is everything Cinco de Mayo is about.

Cinco de Mayo_Jam

Joe Snyder: Arguably Mexico’s hottest men’s underwear brand. Look at Juan Esteban below and tell me you disagree?

Cinco de Mayo_Joe-Snyder-Juan Esteban

McKillop Underwear: This company recently moved their HQ to Mexico. Look for Latin inspirations to come into their newest line!

Cinco de Mayo_Mckillip-Underwearjpg

Photo Credit: Gigo Underwear, Papi, Jam Underwear, Joe Snyder, Mckillip Underwear


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