9 Ridiculous Underwear Designs

Here at The Underwear Expert, we don’t discriminate. We love all types of underwear! From thongs to boxers and leather to lace, we have a genuine interest for anything you can place, plaster, or paint onto your rear. However, every now and then certain styles emerge that really throw us for a loop. We don’t want to call these underwear designs ‘ridiculous’ – but then again we already put that in the title of this article – so there’s no taking that back!

What we’ve assembled for you today is a Top 9 Ridiculous Underwear countdown of the most extravagant and out-of-this-world underwear designs to squeeze their way into the industry. Some are simply eccentric, some are certainly fashion faux pas, and others are just plain weird. Take a look below and let us know if you’d ever consider slipping into a pair of any of these. BTW, we don’t take responsibility for any of these horrible photos!

#9: Look up! It’s Rosie the Riveter inspired Obama undies! Or is it a bathing suit? Either way it’s an odd placement for a political statement.

#8: Frank Dandy is serving up ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’ realness with these meggings.

#7: We know it’s supposed to be a kilt – but why would you go and hide the best part?!

#6: There’s something about a neon-green mankini that can make even the best of bodies look weird.

#5: Candyman knows how to take a simple pair of briefs and turn it into an over-the-top costume extravaganza.

#4: The blue lateral string underwear can hardly be called underwear at all. Neither boxer nor brief, it defies categorization.

#3: Katy Perry asked for it, and this guy delivered. Just don’t hurt yourself trying to fit that into jeans.

#2: Of all the long pointed objects… a carrot?! Really?

#1: Durex has invented the first electronic and interactive underwear ripe for phone sex. This had to top our list. Enjoy your partner’s touch from far away. Just be careful not to get shocked!

Photo Credit: Frank Dandy, Skinzwear, Calvin Klein, Candyman, Durex


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