7 Underwear Guys Riding Bikes for Bicycle Day

Everybody loves a good bicycle ride every now and then, right? Right. So to celebrate Bicycle Day on this 19th of April, we here at The Underwear Expert have decided to pull together all of our favorite shots of underwear clad men riding their bicycles or other things with wheels.

Riding around on two wheels is always best when you’re showing off some underwear, so let’s just get right down to it. Check out our 7 underwear guys with their bikes for bicycle day!

How will you be celebrating?

What a view from the bridge…

This male model looks totally classic with white cycling shorts and old school bicycle. And wait… is that a bell we see in the middle of the handlebars?? Awww..

Groovy to the Zebra…

Some guys like to get funky with the way they ride their bikes, and that’s perfectly fine with us, just as long as you’ve got the multicolored zebra boxers to match (don’t you all?)!

Serious with the Giant…

This guy in his shades, helmet, and bicycle shorts is no joke. He might need a little more protection to go street riding on that bicycle, but we sure like the picture.

Wyclef Jean on his “bike”

Okay, so maybe this doesn’t count as a total bicycle… but it’s still a bike, right?

Luchador guy over here…

Maybe a little abstract, but this Luchador looks pretty fit when he goes for his underwear bike ride.

Underwear boys and their bike

These guys all threw on some matching red trunks to hop onto their bike and ride around. And how about those leather tassels and the handlebars?

And this guy.

Yeah, he might be doing it wrong… But he’s celebrating all the same!

Photo Credit: NooTropia, Global Grind, Flickr, EugeneBicyclist, PUMP!, Aliex Express, Metro, Mens Sheer Underwear,


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