7 Underwear Brands for 20-Somethings

Your 20s are about letting loose and enjoying your youth, while still (maybe) making some sort of progress toward adulthood. We got to thinking about how this might be reflected below the belt and rounded up our favorite brands for the 20-something looking to class-ify his underwear drawer.

Underwear for all ages should be fun and sexy (obviously!), and by your 20s it might be about time to invest in a few pairs that won’t fall apart, or be completely out of style in a matter of months. You might be saving all your pennies for entrance to the club, but what good will it do to have underwear that’s riddled with holes by the time you make it home the next morning?

These brands have a few things in common—they’re characterized by bold, contemporary styles while maintaining comfort and affordability. Check out our favorite 20-something underwear brands and let us know your favorites!

Please note: We’re all young at heart, and these brands are of course great for all ages!

Hanro: For over 150 years, this Swiss brand has been dedicated to producing premium quality product with an emphasis on luxurious comfort and sophisticated design. Made in bold colors and classic shapes, Hanro underwear gives you the feeling of being pampered. Toss out your hold over pairs from college and try these on for size—trust us, you’ll notice the difference.


UNDER Underwear: This London based brand manufactured in Portugal strives to design style driven undergarments with the same attention that the sartorial man gives to his outer appearance. You may not yet own the perfectly tailored suit of your dreams, but you can prepare your underwear drawer for the arrival of that fine day. Also committed to fit and functionality, UNDER strikes just the right balance.


Ohganix: For those on the more socially conscious side, Ohganix combines environmentally responsible production practices with comfort and design to construct well made, wearable classics. Treat yourself to some quality made, all-natural fabrics and treat mother nature at the same time. It’s always the right age to start thinking about the future of our planet.


Sunspel: In the business of making quality underwear since 1860, Sunspel is responsible for first introducing boxer shorts to the UK in the 1950s, and even occasionally dressing Mr. James Bond himself. If you’re looking for something that will last much longer than a season, or even a year, why not try something downright timeless?


Mack Weldon: From timeless to cutting edge, Mack Weldon was founded in 2012 striving to combine old school quality with new technologies for increased comfort and wearability. Specifically targeted to correct problematic areas, like weak waistbands and ill-fitting leg openings, Mack Weldon underwear are sure to withstand your rollicking youth and beyond.

Calvin Klein Underwear: For over 30 years, Calvin Klein Underwear has been a leading name in men’s underwear, and for good reason. Their garments are well crafted, design forward and comfortable, making it the perfect brand with which to up your underwear ante. Plus, they have a way of making guys look damn sexy.

Equmen: If you’re an active type of guy, you’ll need underwear that can keep up with you. When you’re putting yourself through the ringer, you want your undies to help you perform not breakdown after extreme use. This Australian brand uses technologically innovative fabrics and designs to make high-performance underwear that helps traffic blood flow and keep you cool. So get out there and take on the world!

For more information about these brands: HanroUNDER, Ohganix, Sunspel, Mack Weldon, Calvin Klein Underwear, Equmen.

Photo Credits: Hanro, UNDER Underwear, Ohganix, Sunspel, Mack Weldon, Aydin Arjomand Exclusively for The Underwear Expert, Didio, Christian Rios, Equmen.


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  1. Neirad says:

    I only own Calvin Klein Underwear; several pairs actually. As a broke college student  my underwear collection is slowly slowly growing. HaHa 
    And I totally agree: “they have a way of making guys look damn sexy.”

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