6 Underwear Trends You’ve Got To See


Underwear brands are constantly innovating and pushing their designs to the next level. We’ve rounded up 6 emerging underwear trends that have been getting major play from your favorite brands. From updated silhouettes to unique fabric choices, our picks reflect brands embrace of forward thinking designs.

One design goal all the trends we cite have in common is discovering appealing new ways for underwear to showcase the body. Whether showing a little more skin or enhancing the size of the front pouch, many brands understand that customers want to feel their underwear has them looking their best.

Check out the emerging underwear trends we identify below, and let us know if you’ve noticed any favorite underwear design trends of your own!

Mini Briefs: Mini briefs that sit very low are designed to show off the hips, like the sport brief from C-IN2’s Gradient collection ($24, pictured above). With minimal fabric around the sides, mini briefs are great for showing off the V-shaped lines that lead below the waistband.

Hipster: Half way between a brief and a trunk, sunga inspired hipster designs like this pair from Quarter Homme’s Lined Hipster collection ($26.63) are increasingly popular as a sexy alternative to more conventional shapes.

emerging underwear trends 6

Mesh Jockstrap: Mesh fabric has become a popular trend in many styles of underwear, including strappy jockstraps from collections like the AussieBum Breeze collection ($22.52). Incorporating mesh into jockstraps provides increased comfort and breathability as well as obvious sex-appeal.

emerging underwear trends 1

V-Hole and V-Cut: V-shaped cut-outs have been cropping up in a number of interesting designs, including the front pouch of thongs from Candyman’s thong collection ($16), as well as in the rear of Boy Rio’s V-Cut jockstrap collection ($20). Playing off the conventional triangular shape of the front pouch, incorporating V shaped cut outs has become an provocative new way to reveal a bit more skin. As we progress from spring to summer, keep an eye out for V’s showing up not just in the cut of underwear, but in patterns and designs as well.

emerging underwear trends 3

emerging underwear trends 2

Half Moon: As far as cut-outs, some brands opt for even more unique shapes like the half-moon of PetitQ’s Riviera Brief ($20). Modeled here by Benjamin Godfre, the half-moon shape extends half way around the front and back to show off a sizable swath of skin. A sexy alternative to the jockstrap, underwear that sports a front or rear cut-out is likely to make more and more appearances in the collections of brands you love.

emerging underwear trends 5

Cup Enhancement: Underwear brands have long been incorporating pouch enhancement into their designs. Several underwear brands have developed technologies to provide a gentle lift in the front pouch by using a “comfy cup,” which basically acts a mini-shelf for your package for an enhanced look. No padding or cock rings required.Check out these briefs from the Andrew Christian ShowIt Low Profile collection ($23).

emerging underwear trends 6

For more about these brands: Andrew Christian, AussieBum, BoyRio, C-IN2, Candyman, Quarter Homme.

Photo Credits: C-IN2, Quarter Homme, AussieBum, Candyman, Ron Reyes, Allen Zaki, Andrew Christian.


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  1. kennychua says:

    Just to point out that C-in2 has the “punt” underwear cut which is also a cross between a brief and a boxerbrief.  Love that style.  It’s the only thing that looks sexy on me.  🙂

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