5 Photos: Too Hot For Facebook

In the men’s underwear business, we have a tendency to overlook what is appropriate and go straight for what is hot. And of course, we love to share our latest and greatest finds with our devoted Facebook fans. However, some of our content has been deemed too graphic for Facebook. Not only have some of our photos been removed after being posted, but our social media guru has been banned on numerous occasions when attempting to spread the underwear love on Facebook.

How should we respond to these cyber-slaps on the wrist? Duh! We’re going to share those “graphic” photos right here, right now. These 5 photos may be too sexy for Facebook, but it would be a crime against cute underwear and half-naked men everywhere if we didn’t share these.

This photo of Stuart was taken down from Facebook shortly after being posted. Was the leather boots and whip too much?

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Jack Adams doesn’t leave much to the imagination. And maybe that’s the problem.

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Jack Mackenroth might be showing just a little too much ass in this shot. Any complaints here?

What’s Quinn Jaxon doing wrong here? Is it the jock? The pose? Or maybe his expression?

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Quinn again! Clearly this guy is too hot for Facebook.

So there you have it. These guys can traipse all over our minds, but not our Facebook feeds. But what do they have in common: Two are wearing leather. Two are named Jack. Three are sporting jocks. And all five are sexy as hell. Facebook may not like it, but here at The Underwear Expert, we say the more skin the better.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, James Franklin, West Phillips


0 thoughts on “5 Photos: Too Hot For Facebook

  1. SweetRochesterNY says:

    Quinn C. Jaxon is too Hot period. How has the Movie industry not grabbed him up and made him a major star yet??? Are they completely stupid. No I do not mean porn either. He could give any of today’s stars a run for their money!

  2. papichulo2842 says:

    I should not have looked at these on an empty stomach!  LOL!  Seriously though, sexual repression results in a great deal of negative behavior such as the actions taken by Facebook with regard to underwear ads.  It never ceases to amaze me how naive people seem to think the general populace does not enjoy these images which free the voyeur to conjure up images of their own, x-rated or more mundane.   It is both harmless and healthy for most of us.  The so-called repressed are often the ones who ultimately act upon their impulses to the detriment of society instead of the harmless and victimless release simply through one’s imagination.  No one else even needs to know about one’s guilty pleasure in this regard.

  3. BJ says:

    THAT’S really Hot —-But it looks like ART to me — i don’t understand why it was banned — they have clothes on . What about all the nude statures in the museum, should they be banned to the public??? –lol– people of FB grow up!! The human body the most beautiful and unique making for the world to behold.

  4. DeeRock68 says:

    Facebook needs to cut it out! They have a page right now with nothing but ass shots on it, so why are they tearing down you all’stuff?! By the way, they have two separate pages of ass shots – one of males for males, and one of females for females. What’s the difference?! You all are doing the right thing – carrying your business somewhere else. To me, it IS “Art”, because I luv the male form (even if it does turn me on – that’s beside the point). Kudos to you for taking this a step further; Screw Facebook!

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