20 Guys w/ Underwear on Their Head? Yes.

If you ask us, underwear is certainly the most essential part of any outfit. It seems, however, that some guys just cant help using it as a substitute for a hat, mask, or really something else it shouldn’t be! Now, we’re not too sure how we feel about all this abstract, underwear on head usage (especially when it’s used for evil), but it’s still underwear. For that very reason, we’ve decided to bring together 20 guys who just couldn’t seem to find a better hat or mask than their underwear.

Scroll through the pics to see what we have to say about each guy, and let us know what you think of this ridiculous fashion choice!

Chord Overstreet

Chord Overstreet’s got some experience showing off his underwear, but really Chord? A jockstrap on the face? …we don’t really get it.

The King of Pop

Michael Jackson wore some white briefs under what looks like a hood in this photo… and we don’t really get it. RIP Wacko Jacko, we miss you!

This Unorthodox Bather

This guy (getting either in or out of the tub) must have some thread of acrobatic ability, but the underwear over the face and arms? …we don’t really get it.

This Guy Who Looks Like Hannibal Lecter

Do see it folks? It’s scary. And either way… we still just don’t really get it.

Spongebob, Too

Really, Spongebob? Even though his “nose” is bulging out in an interesting way (wink wink)… we still don’t really get it.

This Guy

Just a tip: if you’re wearing underwear on your head, you don’t need to try and make yourself look dumber. We have a feeling this guy doesn’t get it… but we don’t either so whatever.

This Entry-Level Underwear Cadet

So those look like some odd underwear, but either way… A salute? We just really don’t get it.

This Confused Man

Maybe he doesn’t get it either…

This Dangerous-Looking Weirdo

We’re scared… but we still don’t really get it.

This Superhero Failure

Really, man? We don’t get the underwear over the face still, but we’re actually more concerned about this over-the-shoulder man thong…

These Horrible Doctors

Doctors?! Your job is important, come on now!

The Rainbow’d Man

Dig the rainbow… but come on, we still don’t get it.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles could’ve worn his sequined thong over his head, which might have been cool, but instead he wore some purple undies… we don’t get really get why he didn’t choose the sequined thong…

This Horrible Criminal

This guy could’ve selected a WAY better disguise… so we don’t really get the gigantic grey briefs…

This Guy On His Computer

Come on, this is just ridiculous.

This Myspace Stud

Whoever this guy is, he though this would be a perfect Myspace profile pic… We don’t get it… Who uses Myspace anymore? Oh yeah, and the underwear thing, too.

This Sexually Dangerous Criminal

A thong? Really? That barely covers a behind, let alone your face!

This Deranged Santa Claus Impersonator

Get that underwear off your head, scary man. You’ll never be the real Santa.

Photo Credit: Sodahead, BuckyJ, FanPop, DuckMoo, KwentonGTambay, Huffington Post, Arbroath, The Christ Adephians


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