16 Sleeping Underwear Mode… Zzz…..

How many of us can say that we have a job that pays us to sleep? Probably not many of us – unless you’re a lab rat at a science facility center where they study sleep apnea. Or, an underwear model. That’s right, one of the many perks of the job is that occasionally they get to sleep – or at least pretend to – during a photo shoot. Or maybe they had to much fun celebrating 4/20? It’s possible..

Usually these guys are flexing, stretching, and doing acrobatic acts of strength and dexterity, so why not reward them with a natural relaxing pose. We’ve been on the hunt, and we’ve collected 17 of the best pictures of models sleeping on the job. One thing we noticed: these guys will fall asleep just about anywhere! Beds, floors, fields, even standing up!

Take a look at all 16 sleep-succumbed models below, and let us know which dozing dish catches your eye.

This guy’s going to have a helluva tan when he wakes up.

Looks like his pup kicked him off the bed.

Some guys can just fall asleep anywhere.

Asleep an a wood floor with metal mesh walls… better not to ask.

Those Tommy Hilfigers better be comfortable because that chair certainly doesn’t look like it.

Clearly, he’s dreaming of happy, happy things.

Finally we have a model sensible enough to sleep fully in his bed.

Actor and Model William Peter Mosley gets a little shut-eye.

Yeah, we’re not going to ask about the giant crab.

You’re getting sleepy… very, very sleepy.

Someone wake this guy up. He fell asleep mid-pose.

Nothing compliments white sheets better than white briefs.

We may not be able to identify this model, but we’d like to thank him for those skin tight briefs.

Paul sleeps with his 2-Xist underwear at his feet – but that’s okay. Wonder what he was going pre-doze?


Eric is a romantic, even in his sleep. Who’s that rose meant for, sir?

Photo Credits: Rick Day, C-IN2, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Alex Calder, Justin W. Moore, 2-Xist, Olivier Yoan


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