12 “Servicemen” in Undies

The brave men that protect and serve our great nation probably don’t do so wearing the latest trends in underwear fashion. But one can dream, right?

Of course! In fact, several of our favorite underwear brands have provided their own visions for what it’s like to sign up with Uncle Sam. We’ve gathered 13 of the sexiest images of the burly and the brave. From the navy to the marines, these “servicemen” are ready to shock the enemy into submission with sex appeal alone. Now before you enlist, we would just like to preface that there’s probably a bit more work involved with protecting and serving than their is in modeling military inspired underwear.

Okay now that you’ve been warned, check out our 12 boys below:

Drop and give me 20 — in your Andrew Christians.

Pikante loves to flaunt the camo.

Wake up sailor — though he is definitely attractive when he’s sleeping.

This soldier has out-camoed his trunks.

Timoteo’s fighter pilot is becoming unzipped.

Someone get this guy a bath — on second thought, that’s pretty hot.

Didn’t you know they all lounge in 2Xist when writing letters to home.

Stud takes pride in their camo collection.

The aviators clearly mean business.

This guy is ready to salute in nothing but his 2Xist.

No helmet, no pants. Shame on you soldier!

Bo Roberts is serving up sailor realness.

Photo Credits: Aware Soho, Andrew Christian, Pikante, James Franklin, Timoteo, C-IN2, 2Xist, Stud Undwear, Kevin McDermott


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