10 Earth Day Underwear Models

Ah yes, Earth Day. For many, Earth Day is a time to celebrate our planet, the life it supports and the resources it provides: food, water, fresh air, underwear models frolicking in the grass and on beaches, and it’s really all thanks to good ol’ Earth!

That’s right, this weekend we celebrate Earth Day and we’re celebrating the planet the best way we know how, by compiling some of our favorite photos of underwear models chillin’ in the great outdoors. While walking around on sharp, jagged rocks and in poison-ivy filled jungles doesn’t necessarily seem appropriate for guys in just their underwear, the life of an underwear model is still a miraculous one. Don’t hate.

Check out our favorite underwear pics of underwear models in the outdoors celebrating Earth Day, and let us know how you’ll be celebrating Earth  Day this weekend!

Sebastian Franco by Alexander Gomez

Marcus Fabricio by Gabriel Lucas

Andrew Corvin by David Vance

Paolo Anchisis for GQ

Raphael Weiland by Mirko Fuhrherr

Thiago Queiroz Galvao by Rodrigo Marcomatto

Blair Norfold by Ed Purnomo

Thom Evans by Daniel Jaems

Alex Rosaleny by Anton Jhonsen

Julian Gabriel by Dale Stine for TFabiano Beachwear

Photo Credit: Alexander Gomez, Gabriel Lucas, David Vance, GQ, Mirko Fuhrherr, Rodrigo Marcomatto, Ed Purnomo, Daniel Jaems, Anton Jhonsen, Dale Stine


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