OMG! 10 Underwear Models and Dogs

What’s more fitting than buff men with dogs? We love puppies almost as much as we love underwear models, so we had a blast rounding up our top 10 favorite photos of pups and their guys together.

The thing about photos of good-looking guys with puppies is they compete with each other over who’s more photogenic. While it can be a toss up, some of our favorites have a clear winner—and it’s usually the puppy. They may be man’s best friend, but they won’t hesitate to steal the spotlight every chance they get.

How can we blame them? THEY’RE JUST SO ADORABLE.

Check out our top 10 favorite male models with puppies photos, and get ready to let loose some serious ‘Awwwwww’-s.

Above we have model Nicolas Lagiere holding up his dangling pug… and the pug wins, hands down. (Sorry Nicolas!)

Here we have Simon Nessman holding up this big eared little guy. This one might be a toss up.

Recent Downton Abbey addition Tom Ellis and this beagle are making the exact same face! Also a toss up.

Kevin Baker wears this pooch like a scarf, and they are both working the camera within an inch of it’s life. Doggy-scarf wins.

This classic Bruce Webber shot features some golden retriever style neckwear. Doggy scarf wins again.

This black lab lets the camera get away in his photo with male model Nikita. Score one for team man!

Although he’s mostly off camera, this dog holds his own with Brazilian model Elvis Fernando. Another toss up.

Model and actor Nico Tortorella has a puppy on his mind. This one’s a really close call, but the pup wins by a hair.

With his furrowed brow, this puppy hat has it in the bag.

Jack Vanderhart definitely wins this one, but only because his puppy looks like he’s bored with modeling and would much rather be playing catch.

Photo Credits: Sylvain Norget, Bruce Weber, Patrick Lacsina, Rick Day, malemodelscrush.tumblr,, guysanddogs.tumblr,,


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  1. insane4danes says:

    The photo of Nikita, about 95% sure thats a Dane, not a Lab.  These are my favorite photos to date 🙂  Thanks for sharing.

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