10 “Hipster” Underwear Models

We’re not sure anyone ever self-identified as a hipster, or whether the phrase ‘hipster underwear models’ carries any relevance after 2006, but we thought it might be a fun way to round up some cool hotties. As if we needed an excuse.

In any case, it’s always been difficult to peg a hipster by his picture alone—if only because the smell doesn’t carry. Kidding! (But only sort of!). What many of these fine fellas have in common is a natural sense of cool, a penchant for scruff, swaths of creative tattoos, and bold, sometimes ironic style choices. Add it all up and you get some regulation hunks who look like they probably know more about music and indie cinema than you do. Hopefully they won’t hold it against you (unless you want them to). In which case, pack some back-up deodorant. Kidding! (But only sort of!)

Beginning with Marc Jacob’s beau Harry Louis (where else?), take a look at these too-cool-to-be-hot-yet-probably-really-friendly-non-smelly hipster underwear models, and let us know if we missed any of your favorites. Or least favorites, if you’re feeling ironic about it.

Diogo Castro Gomes by Felipe Pilotto

Declan-John Geraghty by Darren Black:

Philippe LeBlond for Mr. Turk

Pedro by Rajan Wadhera

Ashley by Luke Austin

Frankie via dontdoitfrankie.tumblr

Diego by OtterJ

Kaue Machado by Rogerio Potter

Max Silberman by Charles Quiles 

Photo Credits: Felipe Pilotto, Darren Black, Mr Turk, Charles Quiles, Rogerio Potter, OtterJ, dontdoitfrankie.tumblr, malecelebnews, Luke Austin, Rajan Wadhera


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