XWear Racerback Gym Singlet Arrives

XWear Raceback Singlet White

XWear introduces its sexy new singlet that features a low scoop and the brand’s standard racer-style back. Currently available for the spring season, the XWear Racerback Gym Singlet ($34.95 AUD) is available in black or white.

XWear Raceback Singlet White

The XWear Racerback Gym Singlet is perfect to wear while working out at the gym. The low scoop of the singlet is designed to show off you chest and pecs when they are at their best. The new singlet, which features the brand’s logo on the bottom right side, gives you a dynamic look on the field, court or gym.

XWear is an Australian-based underwear brand that specializes in designs that are bold and masculine, just like the new singlet. The XWear Singlet offers consumers a chance to stand out from the crowd wherever and whenever they choose to wear it.

The XWear Racerback Gym Singlet is made from 100% cotton and offers a smooth feel against the skin especially during physical activities. The cotton fabric is lightweight and is cut in such a way to offer a breathable feel.

The XWear Racerback Gym Singlet is available in S-L.

For more information about this brand: XWear

Photo Credit: Gabriel Felix


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