Wiz Khalifa: Clothing Optional

Wiz Khalifa clothing, or lack thereof, is a much discussed topic among celebrity watchers. His distinctive style of undress is notable, whether he’s rapping on stage or posing with Amber Rose. While some musicians tend to show off their underwear for whatever shock and sex value it might have, Khalifa makes barechestedness and sagging pants part of his thought-out uniform.

His tattoos help his half-clad look work. His complicated web of ink makes David Beckham’s collection look conservative. The photos below show the evolution of Khalifa’s style, beginning in rebellion and developing into a personal image. Is his shirtless performing any different than Justin Bieber’s? Let us know in the comments.

First we see Khalfia version 1.0. His look is mostly rooted in rebellion, reacting to accepted norms rather than defining his own image.

Next we see a combination of rebellion and look-crafting. Khalifa has begun to create his own style, but it’s still weighted down by a refusal to embrace the style of others.

Khalfia also shows off a bit of underwear on his album cover for 2012’s o.n.i.f.c.. His dedication to crafting a distinctive look sans-shirt is evident.

This photo, a topic of conversation and controversy when it was first released, originally appeared in XXL. Khalifa poses with his pregnant  fiancée, Amber Rose. Here at The Underwear Expert, we think that Khalifa is showing a classy amount of waistband. This is the most recent evolution of his look – Khalifa 3.0. Barechestedness is his suit and tie.

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records, Jordan Beckham, On the 6th, Splashy Splash, XXL


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