Who Wore It Better: Ray vs. Joey

We here at The Underwear Expert want everyone to have their own unique look, but with designer underwear looking as good as it does these days, sometimes underwear models can be caught in matching collections. Who are we to tell them what to wear? Instead, we face them off in our Who Wore It Better feature! This week’s Who Wore It Better faces off Ray Brown and Joey Greenwell, both of whom we spotted wearing the white, blue and red 2eros jock brief. Let’s take a look at each!

Joey Greenwell showed off his 2eros Jock brief in classic style on the hood of a vintage Buick in a photo shoot West Phillips. Joey matches the car so well, we wouldn’t be surprised if he hopped in and cruised around the block on what looks to be a ridiculously beautiful, sunny day. Do the car and the background get in the way of the underwear? Or did Joey Greenwell wear it better? Let’s take a look at the competition…

Ray Brown of One Life Models donned the 2eros Jock brief in this simple photo shoot, which is still pretty stylish. What can be said for a model who pulls off the 2eros Jock brief just as well while standing in front of nothing but a concrete wall? Pretty impress if you ask us. Is Ray Brown’s simple and impressive look enough to say he wore it better? Or does Joey take the cake?

Make sure to do some careful examining of Joey Greenwell, Ray Brown, and their 2eros Jock brief (are you an underwear expert, or aren’t you?!) and vote for whoever you think wore it better!

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Photo Credit: One Life Models, West Phillips


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