WHO WORE IT BETTER? Borat vs John Mayer

When it comes to wearing the same outfit as someone else (or in drastic cases, the same underwear), there’s no other choice but to decide (drum roll, please) Who Wore it Better. This week we’re facing off Borat against John Mayer to see who can pull of the Borat mankini (if anyone can pull it off at all, that is). We know these guys are old news, but does a mankini every go out of style?

Though Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) didn’t originate the idea of the Borat mankini, wearing the piece in his self-named filmed certainly raised awareness about it. Hmm… it certainly is an odd piece of underwear, but is Borat just weird enough to pull off the neon green mankini? Does bringing it to higher fame give Borat an edge over John Mayer?

John Mayer was spotted wearing the Borat Mankini while on his own celebratory cruise ship concert series. Hey, if you’ve got enough money to start up a cruise ship concert series, that’s pretty friggin’ cool, but is Mayer cool enough to pull off the mankini? Or is it just another cruise ship disaster? Scroll down to vote and let us know Who Wore It Better!

Make sure to do some careful examining of Borat, John Mayer and their neon green Borat Mankini (are you an underwear expert, or aren’t you?!) and vote for whoever you think wore it better!

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Photo Credit: Glamour, Huffington Post


0 thoughts on “WHO WORE IT BETTER? Borat vs John Mayer

  1. MrPDX4u says:

    Borat has the bigger package so I voted for him…I think you would need to be hung or body perfect to pull this look off and neither are this.

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