What’s Your Favorite Pair of Underwear?

Here at The Underwear Expert, we get asked, “what’s your favorite pair of underwear?” all the time. It’s a fair question. With so many underwear brands, each offering their own selection of options, it’s hard to pick one pair above them all. We offer our Underwear Reviews to help our readers make sense of the madness, and occasionally we’ll give suggestions in our Expert Opinion articles. To supplement these guides, we asked four models to tell us their favorite pair of underwear. Christopher Villa, Ryan White, Jare’d Goodloe and Pablo Hernandez all gave their top pick. Check them out below, and let us know what your favorite pair is!

Pablo Hernandez

“My favorite underwear are Andrew Christian air jocks. I love the soft material which allow me to breathe. I also love them because they cover up more than your average jock strap, but still allow me to feel sexy by exposing the rear just enough. I wear them all the time because they make me feel confident and a little naughty. I love the fact that nobody knows that I’m wearing them underneath my everyday clothes.”

Jare’d Goodloe

“My favorite underwear has to be Calvin Klein. I love that no matter if it’s a brief, boxers, boxer brief or compression underwear it fits just right. They have a variety of colors and they are true to size. Most underwear can ride up on the leg but not Calvin.”

Ryan White

“My favorite is probably my camouflage diesel pair because of the fit. Then I always joke that they’re camo so you ‘can’t see me coming.’ My other favorite is a pair of tighty whities that have a fish on the front; I’m always showing them off and asking people if they want to see my trouser trout.”

Christopher Villa

“I actually love Lululemon.”
For more information about these brands: Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein Underwear, Diesel
Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, David Dust, Seth London

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