Viral Video of the Day: Batman Underwear Run


If someone dared you to run around Batman briefs in below-freezing weather, would you do it? Dennis Roady did it on camera, and the resulting YouTube video already has over 100,000 views. “It’s 29 degrees outside in Columbus Ohio, and we’re on Main Street,” Dennis begins before performing his Batman underwear run in briefs, a cape and a mask.

Onlookers had mixed reactions. Some were amused and snapped cell phone pics, while others were less entertained. One hapless fellow was caught off-guard by the briefed crusader, warning him to “back the fuck up.”

The rest of the video is mostly about Dennis and his buddy Roman buying chipotle giftcards. We can’t blame Dennis for wanting to pack some calories back on after running around in the cold.

Video Credit: Roman Atwood & Dennis Roady


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