[VIDEO] Model Talk: Mark MacKillop

We have a long history of sharing some awesome model interviews with you here at The Underwear Expert. We’ve interviewed more than we can count, and some pretty good ones too. Now that we’ve gotten pretty good at the paper and pen (er.. keyboard and screen) interview, we’re ready to upgrade to a much more engaging model interview format.. video! It is the 21st century after all.

In our new and [greatly] improved Model Talk series, we’ll be interviewing underwear models on video further enabling us to get you up close and personal with the guys you’re most interested in knowing about.

For all of you who haven’t already jumped below and started watching, what we’re doing in these model interviews is stripping our favorite models down (in this case it’s Mark MacKillop), asking them some basic stats like age and relationship status, and then throwing some pop culture preference questions at them. We may or may not have said “dance, monkey, dance as well” and let the camera roll. Find out for yourself in Mark MacKillop’s model interview above.

Mark is wearing the Hugo Boss Innovation 1 Boxer Brief from Hugo Boss in this episode.

For more information about this brand: Hugo Boss



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