Underwear Models to Fight Mike Tyson

Ready for some cool history? Last Thursday was the 25th anniversary of Mike Tyson’s boxing match with Tony Tubbs for undisputed heavyweight boxing title. What’s even cooler? Tyson knocked out Tubbs in only two rounds. 25 years later, all we can think about is what would’ve happened if there Tyson had been facing one of today’s fighting models in his underwear…

Would the fight have turned out differently? Would the underwear industry become one revolving around violence and trauma? Would boxing have become an underwear-only sport? Probably! So just for the hell of it, we’ve posed some scenarios.

Check out our top 5 fighting models to contend against Mike Tyson, and let us know what you think!

#5 Contender: Jimmy Gonzales

Jimmy Gonzales got all bloodied up in Marco Ovando’s photo shoot for Baskit, so it looks like he’s the kind of fighter who stays in the ring no matter what… and check out that cute band-aid.

#4 Contender: Jose Parra

Jose Parra looked so good in his underwear and boxing gloves that we even featured him as our model of week. But does Mike Tyson care how good Jose looks? Probably not. Keep those gloves up, boy-o.

#3 Tag-Team Contenders: Daniel Macedo and Taua Biral

Daniel Macedo and Taua Biral faced off in this photo shoot for Rich Menswear, and they both looked pretty fierce. Since neither of them look quite “heavyweight” enough to face Mike Tyson, we figure they should tag-team, or double-team, or whatever… just fight him at the same time.

#2 Contender: Char DeFrancesco

Char DeFrancesco also showed up Marco Ovando’s photo shoot for Baskit, but being a bigger guy, we figure he’d stand a bit more of a chance…

#1 Contendor: Dustin Dlouhy

Dustin Dlouhy is a total giant, and Matthias Vriens-McGrath made him look even more giant in this wrestling photo shoot. Sure, he’s 25 years too late, but if we had to pick, we’d say Dustin Dlouhy would be the fighting model to give Mike Tyson a knockout to remember! Go Dustin!

For more information on these brands: Rich Menswear, Baskit, Rufskin

Photo Credit: Marco Ovando, Rich Menswear, Matthias Vriens-McGrath


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