Underwear Models Celebrate Multiple Personality Day

March 5th marks Multiple Personality Day, and what better place to find all different kinds of personalities than in photo shoots with models? We’re assuming you probably don’t celebrate the little-known holiday, but it’s about time you did with our 5 hottest underwear models on Multiple Personality Day! These are all models who we’ve seen run the gamut from super serious, to grinning their teeth out. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no better way to celebrate.

Check out our top 5 Multiple Personality Day model comparisons below, and let us know which side of these models personality’s you like best!

#5: Tomas Skoloudik

Tomas Skoloudik goes from hardcore gaze to seriously cheesin’ in these two photo shoots. First with Edu Garcia and then with Emporio Armani, Tomas might as well be the model for a new pair of comedy/tragedy masks.

#4: Chad White

Chad White shows goes from dark and steamy, to smiling with perarly whites in these two photos from his portfolio update with Rodolfo Martinez.

#3: Colby Melvin


Colby Melvin is known for being a fun, bubbly and flirty underwear model like he was in our exclusive NYC photo shoot. At times, the model can put on a serious face, however, as you’ll see in his photo shoot with photographer Rick Day.

#2: Pablo Hernandez 

 Model Pablo Hernandez has a great stoic look to him, which he shows off in most of his photo shoots. When he came to the The Underwear Expert offices to celebrate our 50,000th Facebook fan, Pablo couldn’t help smiling and even had a “50k” painted on his chest! What a guy.

#1: Parker Hurley

Parker Hurley’s got a killer look. He’s cut, tattooed, and has just the right amount of surfer hair, without going totally radical on us. He looks great serious, but the model went totally 10-year old on us in his Saturday morning photo shoot with Gabriel Gastelum and looks equally as good showing off his cute factor.

For more information on the featured brand: Emporio Armani

Photo Credit: Edu Garcia, Emporio Armani, Rodolfo Martinez, Rick Day, Aydin Arjomand for The Underwear Expert, Gabriel Gastelum, Mr. Turk


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