Would You Like a Condom With That?

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Here at The Underwear Expert, we have front row seats for a battle between brands over underwear fans. There are hundreds of underwear companies and millions of customers who are eager to put on the best pair from the cleverest company that they can find. With so much competition, brands are looking for new ways to engage their customers beyond traditional advertising and sexy images.

Underwear companies are always trying to answer the question, “How can we better address the modern man’s needs?” The answer, for several cutting edge brands, is condoms. Combining underwear and condoms is one of the best revived trends in the underwear industry (there was a flurry of underwear condom productions right after Y2K).

It makes sense, when you think about it. Condoms and underwear go together like peanut butter and jelly flavored condoms. Greg Fass, the head of marketing for MeUndies, told The Underwear Expert that his company has been slipping condoms into its underwear packages as a nice surprise for its customers.

“Our whole brand philosophy is that we want to change the way people shop for basic apparel. So this whole idea of not wanting to be like other boring underwear brands brought us to giving out something as fun and different as condoms. We’ve sent out other promotional items like MeUndies coffee mugs, and socks, etc. but we found that the perfect addition to our packaging were the condoms and it has really helped us to develop a kind of cult following. ”

Joining MeUndies in the condom craze are Andrew Christian and Baskit. The former has recently partnered with AHF and Wet to promote safe sex and AIDS awareness. Andrew Christian’s plan is to give out at least 27,000 free condoms throughout the three month long campaign.

“Last year Andrew Christian’s marketing campaigns went viral due to our extremely sexual videos,” said Andrew Christian about the partnership. “Using that sexual attention to our advantage, we feel like now is the perfect time to reinforce the importance of safer sex to our fans and community.”

Baskit has made condom promotions part of the design of the underwear itself. The Baskit Billy Boy Range features a condom pouch complete with a Billy Boy condom.

We got one to two e-mails per month asking if we were going to offer underwear with condoms again,” Eric Schwers, CEO of Baskit, told The Underwear Expert. “Eventually, we just couldn’t ignore the requests; that and we’re interested in promoting safe sex.”

Is combining underwear and condoms a good marketing idea? Let us know if you’ve ever gotten free condoms with your undies in the comments below.

For more information about these brands: Andrew Christian, Baskit, MeUndies

Photo Credit: Baskit, MeUndies


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