TV Star Underwear Sightings 3.22.13

We stayed glued to the tube again this week scanning for the best TV star underwear sightings, and our dedication paid off big time. Any week that includes a Neil Patrick Harris underwear shot is definitely cause for celebration in our book. Not to mention all the controversy over Mad Men producers asking Jon Hamm to wrap up his impressive package so as not to distract the viewers at home. Check out our annotated guide to the best underwear guest stars on the small screen this week.

Neil Patrick Harris dropped trou this week on How I Met Your Mother, sporting a pair of fitting dark colored boxers. They might’ve even been silk! Usually his sex appeal flies a bit under the radar, but this week he trotted it out on full display.

Watching David Gregory on NBC’s Deception, we weren’t sure we were going to get a full-on underwear sighting. At first we caught him rifling through the closet (see above), but when he turned his back we stole a glimpse of his patterned boxers. Now this posh pair definitely looks like silk.

David Duchovny is always a little bit naked on Californication, but on a recent episode we caught him using a guitar as a substitute for underwear. You win this round, Duchovny.

We also caught a peek of Girls’ star Alex Karpovsky reading on the bed in his striped boxer shorts. We’ve always found that patterned underpants can really give you that man-of-intellect vibe.

And of course, this week we wave goodbye to Jon Hamm Jr., that scene-stealing little rascal who Mad Men producers insisted be wrapped up in underwear for the show’s sixth season

Photo credit: Male Celeb News,, JonHammsWang.tumblr


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