Top 10 Rob Lowe Underwear Sightings

Oh, Rob Lowe. Happy freakin’ birthday. You’ve won us over time and time again. From Rob’s breakthrough in The Outsiders to his charming performances on The West Wing and Parks and Recreation, his charisma always seems to make us smile. He’s managed to go from a bad boy Brat Pack member to an award winning television star without losing his good looks along the way. We put together a gallery of our ten favorite Rob Lowe underwear and swimwear sightings to celebrate his career and birthday. Check out the photos (and video!) below, and let us know when you were first charmed by Mr. Lowe.

First up is this classic scene from Youngblood. Watch it, and be charmed. You’re welcome.


Next, we see skinny Rob Lowe hanging out on some grass. Times sure have changed.

Skinny Rob Lowe makes another appearance at the beach. We like that ’80s swimwear!

Rob is beginning to bulk up. He put on a pair of floral swim shorts for this shot.

The poster for Youngblood gives you a pretty good idea of what the movie is about. (Hint: it’s about Rob Lowe’s body).

The guy is 48, and he still manages to look good. Well, sort of…

…That’s more like it. Almost half a century of Lowe looking fresh.

This screen capture from About Last Night… tells a simple truth: few can wear their underwear half-down with more dignity and style than Rob Lowe.

He might be getting old, he might be wearing board shorts, but Rob Lowe still manages to give to the paparazzi something to photograph.

Photo Credit: About Last Night…, Pacific Coast News, The Locker Room, TMZ, Vanity Fair, Youngblood


0 thoughts on “Top 10 Rob Lowe Underwear Sightings

  1. DeeRock68 says:

    RupertBare69 Simply put, that’s what happens to us when we get older. Gravity is not very kind to us as we “advance”. Does that make any sense to you? I’m 45 and surely not high-school skinny like I’d prefer, yet I’m thankful even if I could stand to lose a few more pounds. All that to say this – Rob (Lowe) probably feels the same after 48 years of experiencing off-screen only-God-knows-what.

  2. DeeRock68 says:

    To me, Rob Lowe still looks good. I’m very impressed as there are some people in our age group who, sad to say, just look a hot mess.

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