Top Tweets of the Week 3.8.13

Top Tweets 3.8.13

This week on Twitter, we discussed Mike Stalker’s workout routine, had Daniel Garofali over to The Underwear Expert headquarters, talked about 2xist underwear and got some compliments from a couple fans. Check out the top five tweets of the week below, and be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Mike Stalker challenged our readers to keep up with his workout routine. Can you lift like a model?

Daniel Garofali stopped by to say “hi.” Meetings between Garofali and The Underwear Expert often result in great things.

While we do believe that 2xist can look good on almost anybody, Ben S caught our hesitation. Somewhere, somehow, there might be someone who just looks terrible in great underwear.

Style in View had some nice things to say about our site. We’re blushing!

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