Top 10 Black Party Underwear Picks

Jack Adams Shadow Jockstrap1

The Black Party kicks off this Saturday night in New York City, and most die-hard revelers will be going strong well into Sunday afternoon. This year’s theme is ‘The Dirty Carnival’–and the invitation’s dress code? ‘Heavy.’

While really anything goes at this annual adult expo and fetish-fest, we put together a list of our top ten Black Party underwear looks. Check out the photos below and let us know your favorite Black Party underwear picks, whether you’ll be there in person or in spirit.

Jack Adams Shadow Jockstrap ($38): This beefed-up jockstrap (also pictured above) has so many features perfect for the Black Party: a leather-like contour pouch with a zipper and a drawstring in front, and an assless back. In classic black with a hint of red on the waistband, it’s right on target.

Jack Adams Shadow Jockstrap2

Modus Vivendi’s Stablehand Collection Corset (€42,30) and Transformer jockstrap (€19,90): This two piece ensemble includes a low corset that leaves your pecs exposed and hooks into a jockstrap on the bottom. This one is perfect if you like a little more support in the waist, plus it couldn’t be more on theme.


Nasty Pig Covert Jockstrap ($25): For Black Party underwear, you can’t go wrong with Nasty Pig–the brand name alone embodies the event’s festive spirit. We might suggest their new Covert line that includes this black-and-white striped pair with a thin waistband.


2Wink Australia Freedom Jock ($26): If you’re inclined toward a younger and friskier jockstrap choice, go for the Freedom Jock from 2Wink. It’s magenta accents are perfect for dancing on a platform overlooking the crowd.


Rufskin Chic Sheer Screen Brief ($32): If you’re looking for a bit more coverage (it’s still quite nippy out, after all) but still want to showcase your assets, we suggest these Sheer Screen Briefs from Rufskin.


C-IN2 Filthy Punt Brief ($28): If you want to go the full coverage route but still stand out, go for a bold color like these red briefs from C-IN2’s Filthy collection.


Gregg Homme Haze Collection Briefs ($38.95): These buckled briefs from Gregg Homme’s Haze collection are perfect for an adventurous strapped-in leather look with the comfort of regular fabric.


Male Power Cobra Trunk ($22): These black trunks from Male Power are great if you’re looking for the coverage and comfort of a trunk but still want to be playful–like a snake in the grass.


Cell Block 13 Wrestling Singlet by Timoteo ($48): As far as Black Party underwear goes, a singlet really tells other party goers that you mean business. Try this one in yellow from Cell Block 13 to stand out, or the jockstrap version if you really want to put your ass on the line.


Barcode Berlin Ringer Trikot Singlet (€55): For another variation on the wrestling singlet try one from this collection by Barcode Berlin, the gold accents will really catch light in the dark.


Fore more information on these brands: 2Wink, Barcode Berlin, C-IN2, Cell Block 13, Gregg Homme, Jack Adams, Male Power, Modus Vivendi, Nasty Pig, Rufskin.

Photo Credits: James Franklin, Modus Vivendi, Nasty Pig, Studio Rufskin, 2Wink, C-IN2, Gregg Homme, Male Power, Cell Block 13, Barcode Berlin


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