St. Patrick’s Day Stripping Game

For many of us, St. Patrick’s Day is an excuse to tour the Irish pubs in otheneighborhood (like we ever need an excuse). We put on our best green attire and consistently claim that our great-grandfather on our mom’s side was from Dublin. If you’re one of those hard partying gents who is planning a St. Patrick’s Day party at your residence, you might be looking for games. No one likes a boring Patty’s Day party, afterall, and your guests will no doubt be anxious to find out what you have planned. Luckily for you, The Underwear Expert has combined the perfect mixture of drinking and stripping to create the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Stripping Game.

What you need:

  • Friends. This game works best with 6 – 10 people, all of whom need to be willing to strip.
  • Irish whiskey
  • Opaque shot glasses
  • Water

The Rules:

Randomly choose one person to be “the leprechaun ” He or she leaves the room, while the rest of the guests pour shots of water for everyone but one person. One person must prepare a shot of whiskey. (You may either choose this person randomly, or someone can volunteer).

Every one stands side by side in a line, holding their shot glasses so that the leprechaun won’t be able to see what they’re drinking. Call the leprechaun back into the room.

The leprechaun watches everyone take their shot and must guess who took the real shot of whiskey. He or she will watch the faces of the shot-takers to see who is trying not to grimace  or who is faking.

If the leprechaun guesses correctly, everyone in the line must take a shot and take off an article of clothing. If the leprechaun is wrong, then he or she must take a shot and take off an article of clothing instead.

After each round, a new leprechaun is chosen at random, and play continues like before until everyone is in their underwear.

Best of luck to you and your crew on St. Patrick’s Day! Be safe, and don’t forget to dye your underwear green!

Photo Credit: Prime Time Print, Patrick McMullan


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