Spring Cleaning Underwear Swap

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It’s just about Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means it’s time to clean out those underwear drawers. Is that a tiger print jockstrap? A pair of boxers from the ’90s? Who was Pope when you bought that brief? There’s no need to feel embarrassed about a little underwear build-up. It happens to the best of us. That’s why The Underwear Expert made this helpful guide to cleaning out your underwear drawer. No matter what old pairs you find in the depths of your dresser, we have suggestions so that you can replace them.

You Found: A Disturbing Old Jockstrap

Is that mold? We don’t even want to know. Replace that nasty jock with something new and modern. Try the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Smooth Vibe Air Jock (then try to say its full name in one breath). It’s made of super soft bamboo-based fabric. It will also prevent muffin tops and the humiliation of wearing whatever jockstrap you had before. Underwear Drawer Andrew Christian

You Found: Boxers That You Got on Sale in 2004

Nine years. Well, you sure got your money’s worth out of that pair. Time to send it to underwear heaven. Speaking of heaven, you’ll feel like you’re there once you try on a new pair of Croota Night Runner Trunks. Wear these around the house or in bed. Your body (and anyone that you’re with) will thank you. Underwear Drawer Croota

You Found: Tighty Whities (that are no longer whitey or tighty)

Well that’s an interesting color. Is it off-white? Meringue? Get those old briefs out of the house immediately. Replace it with a pair of 2xist Speed Briefs. Now you’ll stand out for the right reasons. Underwear Drawer 2xist

You Found: Board Shorts from College

Remember spring break 2008? That was the last time it was acceptable to wear those board shorts. Do not go to the beach with droopy shorts that hide your beach body and hang past your knees. Instead, show yourself off with the Aussiebum League Series. Underwear Drawer AussieBum

You Found: A Boxer Brief That You Received Four Christmases Ago

It sure was thoughtful of Aunt Ellen to get you that pair of boxer briefs. If you told her that you were still wearing it, she’d probably buy you another. Ask for the C-IN2 Pop Colors boxer brief. You will feel like a new man. Underwear Drawer C-in2 For more information about these brands: 2xistAndrew Christian, Aussiebum, C-IN2, Croota Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Aussiebum, C-IN2, Croota


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